Maintain Your Trees Through the Freeze

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With winter on the way, it's time to start preparing your trees for the cold months ahead. Frozen limbs and trees can snap and split. You need to be aware of trees that may fall and damage your property. If you need tree trimming, tree thinning or dangerous tree removal, Affordable Tree Service LLC is glad to help.

If you're worried about a potentially dangerous tree damaging your property in the wake of a storm, we still have you covered. We offer 24-hour tree service so you can stay safe.

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The dangers of ice-covered trees

You should call in a tree care company to prepare your trees for colder weather. Ice-covered trees or limbs can fall, causing damage to:

  • Homes-leaving you with expensive repair costs
  • Vehicles-destroying your means of transportation
  • Power lines-leaving you without electricity in a storm

Be proactive about your tree care this winter. Schedule tree trimming or removal service in Norman, Moore & Oklahoma City, OK today.